2018 MWPVC Champions - Saint Louis University A

2018 MWPVC  Most Valuable Player -  Joe Roeckell (Saint Louis A)

2018 Kaiser Mental Attitude Award -  

2018 All-Conference 1st Team

OH        Joe Roeckell (Saint Louis A)

OH       Eric Ottenlips (Missouri A)

MB       Sean Moore (Missouri A)

MB       Deantrius Coleman (Lincoln College A)

S           Brenden Stealey (Saint Louis A)

L            Joudiel Poveymirow (Lincoln College A)

RSH      Ramon Matos (Lincoln College A)

2018 All-Conference 2nd Team 

OH        Adam Sargis (Bradley)

OH        Kevin Breakey (Lewis A)

MB        Garrett Metzger (Saint Louis A)

MB        Dalton Loos (Missouri S&T)

S            Ryan Abeln (Missouri A)

L            Fotis Christacos (Saint Louis A)

RSH       Jackson Nagle (Butler)

2018 All-Conference Honorable Mention

S            Matt Vogrin (Lewis A)

OH         Ian Piskulic (Missouri S&T)

OH         Garrett Buechler (Saint Louis A)

OH          Jonathan Vargas (Lincoln College B)

OH         Blake Uhing (Creighton)

OH          John Palucki (WashU-STL)

RSH        Charles Carter (Lincoln College A)

RSH         Jack Harbaugh (MIssouri A)

MB          Aaron Tagala (SIU-Carbondale)

MB          Trevor Koelling (Missouri State)

L              Nick Allen (Missouri S&T)

2018 West Region MVP - Dane Reinhardt (Creighton)

2018 East Region MVP - Fotis Christacos (Saint Louis A)

2018 North Region MVP - Joudiel Poveymirow (Lincoln College  A)

2018 Crossover Co-MVP - Brenden Stealey (Saint Louis A)

2018 Crossover Co-MVP - Joudiel Poveymirow (Lincoln College A)



2017 MWPVC Champions - University of Missouri A

2017 MWPVC  Most Valuable Player -  Andy Orf (Missouri A)

2017 Kaiser Mental Attitude Award -  Lucas Parker (Lewis A)

2017 All-Conference 1st Team

OH     Mark Leininger (Missouri State)

OH     Andy Orf (Missouri A)

MB     Sean Moore (Missouri A)

MB     Kevin Cheng (Saint Louis A)

S         Eric Damon (Nebraska A)

L         Fotis Christacos (Saint Louis)

Opp   Ryan Hoyer (Saint Louis A)

2017 All-Conference 2nd Team 

OH        Ryan Coomes (Nebraska A)

OH        Paul Becker (Missouri S&T)

OH        Matt Svetlecich (Bradley)

MB        Henry Goldkamp (Bradley)

S            Brenden Stealey (Saint Louis A)

L            Michael Maley (WashU-STL)

Opp      Stanislav Bosovik (Missouri State)

2017 All-Conference Honorable Mention

S            Bryan Orellana (Lincoln A)

S            Matt Wascher (Missouri A)

S            Phil Hannon (SIU-Carbondale)

OH        Branden Dinkelman (Nebraska A)

OH        Patrick McCloskey (Maryville)

OH        Kyle Wait (Kansas State A)

Opp      Chris Watters (Truman State)

MB        Deantrius Coleman (Lincoln A)

MB        Aaron Tagala (SIU-Carbondale)

L            Nick Allen (Missouri S&T)

L            Nick Venhaus (Missouri A)

2017 West Region MVP - Eric Damon (Nebraska A)

2017 East Region MVP - Brenden Stealey (Saint Louis A)

2017 North Region MVP - Bryan Orellana (Lincoln College)

2017 Crossover MVP - Ryan Hoyer (Saint Louis A)

2016 MWPVC Champions - University of Missouri A

2016 MWPVC Most Valuable Player - Matt Wascher (Missouri A)

2016 Kaiser Mental Attitude Award -  Lucas Parker (Lewis)

2016 All-Conference 1st Team

OH     Mark Leininger (Missouri State)

OH     Garrett Buechler (Saint Louis)

MB     Christian Guyot (Missouri A)

MB     Kevin Cheng (Saint Louis)

S         Matt Wascher (Missouri A)

L         Fotis Christacos (Saint Louis)

RS       Jake Gerald (Missouri A)

2016 All-Conference 2nd Team 

OH        Dan Condra (Truman State)

OH        Ryan Coomes (Nebraska A)

OH/RS  Adam Sargis (Bradley)

MB        Trevor Jordan (Missouri S&T)

S            Eric Damon (Nebraska A)

L            Cory Jonak (Missouri A)

RS         Stanislav Bosovik (Missouri State)

2016 All-Conference Honorable Mention

OH/L  Paul Becker (Missouri S&T)

OH     Matthew Schmittdiel (Missouri B)

OH     Andy Orf (Missouri A)

OH     Matt Svetlecich (Bradley)

OH     Ryan Jacobs (Wash U-STL)

RS      Manny Benitez (Lincoln A)

RS      Daumier Mageswki (Missouri S&T)

RS      Matt Krzmarzick (Saint Louis)

RS      Ben Dickey (Wheaton)

RS      Chris Watters (Truman State)

L         Alec Esparza (Lincoln A)

L         Nicholas Venhaus (Missouri B)


2016 West Region MVP - Dan Condra (Truman State)

2016 East Region MVP - Jake Gerald (Missouri A)

2016 North Region MVP - Adam Krzos (Lincoln College)

2016 Crossover Co-MVP - Ryan Abeln (Missouri A)

2016 Crossover Co-MVP - Eric Damon (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)



2015 MWPVC Champions - Missouri S&T


2015 MWPVC Most Valuable Player - Daumier Mageswki

2015 MWPVC Defensive Player of the Year - Paul Becker 

2015 Kaiser Mental Attitude Award - Lucas Parker 


2015 All-Conference 1st Team

OH     Alex Taylor (Truman State)

OH/S Dan Landwehr (Missouri S&T)

MB     Weston Higgenbotham (Lincoln College)

MB     Jon Martin (Saint Louis)

S         Marty Trn (Saint Louis)

L         Fotis Christakos (Saint Louis)

RS      Daumier Mageswki (Missouri S&T)


2015 All-Conference 2nd Team 

OH     Kenny Miller (Creighton)

OH     Ryan Jacobs (Wash U-STL)

MB     Evan Engel (Wash U-STL)

MB     Manuel Benitez (Lincoln College)

S         Lukasz Kupiec (Lincoln College)

L         Paul Becker (Missouri S&T)

RS      Kevin Groeper (Lewis)


2015 All-Conference Honorable Mention

OH     Steve Carrington (University of Chicago)

OH     Paul McGhee (Missouri S&T)

OH     Ryan Coomes (Nebraska-Lincoln)

OH     Spencer Tong (Wash U-STL)

MB     Kevin Suffredin (SIU-Carbondale)

MB     Ben Gliedt (Creighton)

MB     Joey Kivlin (Kansas)

MB     Allen Loggins (Western Illinois)

S         Eric Damon (Nebraska-Lincoln)

L         Alec Esparza (Lincoln College)

RS       Brian Bals (Truman State)

RS       Evan Forthaus (SIU-Carbondale)


2015 West Region Co-MVP - Eric Damon (Nebraska)

2015 West Region Co-MVP - Andre Rodriguez-Burns (Creighton)


2015 East Region Co-MVP - Marty Trn (Saint Louis)

2015 East Region Co-MVP - Evan Engel (Wash U-STL)


2015 North Region MVP - Alec Esparza (Lincoln College)


2015 Crossover MVP - Dan Landwehr (Missouri S&T)




2014 MWPVC Champions - University of Nebraska


2014 MWPVC Most Valuable Player - Marty Trn (Saint Louis)

2014 Defensive Player of the Year - Paul Becker (Saint Louis)


2014 All-Conference 1st Team

OH   Brendan McDermott (Saint Louis)  

OH   Dan Landwehr (Missouri S&T)

MB   Joe Glatz (Lewis)

MB   Mark Novotny (Nebraska)

S       Marty Trn (Saint Louis)

L       Paul Becker (Missouri S&T)

OPP  Kevin Groeper (Lewis)


2014 All-Conference 2nd Team

OH   Ben Callahan (Nebraska)

OH   Ryan Coomes (Nebraska)

MB   Evan Engel (Wash U-STL)

MB   Kevin Cheng (Saint Louis)

S       Josh Smith (Missouri S&T)

L      Grant Maynard (Nebraska)

OPP  Jake Lazarus (Wash U-STL)


2014 All-Conference Honorable Mention

OH   Andy Sandine (Illinois-Wesleyan)

OH   Spencer Tong (Wash U-STL)

OH   David Visk (Illinois-Springfield)

MB   Nick Schutte (Southern Illinois-Carbondale)

MB   Zach Willoughby (Missouri S&T)

MB   Dan Ardelan (Augustana)

S       Cody Owens (Lewis)

S       Eric Damon (Nebraska)

L       Jake Fieseler (Augustana)

L       Jordan Kaiser (Lewis)

OPP  Devon Hoesl (Saint Louis)


2014 Crossover Champions - Saint Louis University

2014 Crossover MVP - Ben Callahan (Nebraska) and  Kevin Cheng (Saint Louis)


2014 Northern Regional Champions - Lewis University

2014 Northern Regional MVP - Kevin Groeper (Lewis)


2014 Southern Regional Champions - Missouri S&T

2014 Southern Regional MVP - Josh Smith (Missouri S&T)













2013 MWPVC Champions -  Wheaton College


2013 MWPVC Most Valuable Player - Kalei Hosaka (Wheaton College)












2012 MWPVC Champions -  Saint Louis University


2012 MWPVC Most Valuable Player - Tommy Devitt (Saint Louis)














2011 MWPVC Champions - Saint Louis University


2011 MWPVC Most Valuable Player - Brandon Smith (Saint Louis)​


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